Professional Centric Skincare Vs Customer-Centric Skincare

We tend to take so much care of our diet for our health that we often forget to take care of our skin. With so many harmful chemicals in the air, there is a greater need for protecting ourselves. This process goes inside out which means that besides taking good diet, one should also take care of themselves with other modes of personal protection.

The first and foremost thing that is visible to anyone is our skin. The skin is also one of the most exposed parts of the body to the harmful elements such as ultraviolet radiation, chlorofluorocarbons, and contaminated water.

With so many products in the market that are produced to take care of our skin, we are left confused as to which products are good and which ones are harmful. Sometimes, we do not even bother ourselves with all this thought and buy the first thing we see. But this callousness can make our skin suffer.

Usually the elements in skincare products that are harmful to our skin are parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic colours, phthalates, triclosan, propylene glycol etc... These often acts as irritants and lead to skin allergies.

To compensate the harms our soaps and facewash does to our skin, we have dedicated skincare regimens that nurture and restores our skin's health. There are skincare regimen that we use at home but it might not give us the desired result. So, we have industry manufactured products which are usually of two kinds. Let's discuss:

Professional Skincare

The professional skincare is what you get at any dermatologist's clinic, high-end beauty salons and the products which are made by dermatologists themselves.

Such skincare is rigorously defined for the best effective results. The time, energy and research involved in the process of making a professional product are usually much more than that of a regular product.

With such high-quality products, people with skin problems can benefit as these contain high-end ingredients. These products are less likely to be harmful due to their intensive research.

The professionally accentuated products are costly for a reason because of the precision with which it is made. The cosmetically enhanced and luxurious bases involved in the making of these products are specifically designed to address the skin and hair issues.

Customer-Centric Skincare

The customer-centric skincare is created with most of the common ingredients and it leads to results which can be achieved from any regular products.

Though one has to take care of the types of products they use, for example, formaldehyde and parabens are too harmful to be used in the skincare products.

Though the majority of singular products caters to the masses and it leads to results which are not that much specific to a problem. They are cheaper than professional skincare products and are more general in nature.

When we compare both the categories of skincare it is seen that customer-centric skincare is for mass consumption that does not specifically address any specific problem of a particular person. It may work for a shorter period but it may not work in the longer run. Whereas, the professional skincare products may cost you in one go. It addresses the specific problem of skin allergies or dandruff and produce desired results. The usage typically depends on what the consumer wants at that point of time based on the individual's preferences and needs.