Freshly Acquired

Formula that contains nature’s goodness
combined with wisdom of science

Every single raw ingredient that goes into our products is carefully procured from a niche market. Once the plants have been allowed to grow and flourish, we then extract its power using spring water-steam distillation. Impossible to replicate, the essential oils obtained are then analysed and precisely combined by our scientists to develop unique and effective formulas.

We submit our ingredients and active complexes to in vitro and in vivo tests and sensory analyses to evaluate their effectiveness and sensitivity. We also evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of our formulas under expert control on large panels of men and women. Our signature scents are carefully formulated by our own in-house team of perfume expert specialising in natural scents. With sensory textures and delicate natural fragrances, every application of a Kanpeki product is a chance to reconnect with nature.

Processing of the Ingredients

Two Step Process to achieve the best
Steam Distillation

Steam Distillation

Uses beneficial floral hydrosols, aloe juice, fermented rice water (sake) and chai gel.
The first and majority ingredient used in most skin, hair, and body products is Water. Instead of using water in its usual form, we use beneficial floral hydrosols, aloe juice, fermented rice water (sake) and chai gel. Extracts and oils obtained from this process is as fresh as spring water and are in their purest form. Steam makes sure all the unwanted microbes are eliminated, giving us the luxury to use minimal amount of preservatives

Stabilizing Actives

Stabilizing Actives

Stabilizing active ingredients from oxidizing.
Actives used in our formulations are extracted from their raw forms making them volatile in nature. Any interaction with environmental factors oxidizes them and makes them ineffective and not suitable for use.Thus, to ensure freshness and efficacy of our actives, we process them using techniques like flash freezing and microencapsulation

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