Pro Hydra

As the name suggests, this product helps the skin to be hydrated and moisturised. The essential moisture boost treatment balances and restores skin’s natural moisturisation factor. Its vitamin moisturising complex helps to visibly nourish skin and maintain its hydration levels.
The key ingredient yields perfect result on all skin as it is neither heavy nor light. Unlike certain oils that clog pores, Argan Oil absorbs quickly on the surface and gives the skin a healthy shine. It also contains the benefits of omega fatty acids, vitamin E and linoleic acids which work to moisturise the skin, reduce acne and dry patches. It is nature's super food to protect and nutrify your skin.

Duration: 30 Minutes & Skin Type: All


- Makes the skin soft and supple
- Repair stressed and dehydrated skin
- Restores skin’s natural moisturization factor

Key Ingredient
- Argan Oil

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